Crónicas Germánicas

Elisabet comes from Barcelona and lives in Germany since 2012. She is convinced that there is an enjoyable way to learn German and that you are going to like it. She is mother to a daughter and graduated in Business Administration and Management. Her professional career has been developed in 2 large multinationals, a French and an Italian one, where she has always been dedicated to her great passion: Marketing. Currently she works as Online Marketing Manager for a German IT company. Elisabet speaks 5 languages: Spanish, German, English, Italian and Catalan. When she moved with her family to work in Germany, she realized something important. In the German courses, they teach German, but not really how everyday life in Germany is. That is why she decided to open a blog and a YouTube Channel: crónicas germánicas, where she share with the world german tips and german culture. Everything with a little bit of humor and her particular way of sharing. Have fun and enjoy Germany with Elisabet at her blog and Social Media! Blog: YouTube Channel: Instagram: Facebook: