German with Herr Antrim

Herr Antrim (AKA Levi Antrim) is a high school German teacher in the United States with over 10 years of classroom teaching experience. In 2011 he uploaded his first YouTube video for German learners. Since then his YouTube channel has grown to over 100,000 subscribers and thousands of other followers on various social media platforms. In 2019 he wrote his first ebook for beginners learning the German language, which is now also available as a paperback. His teaching style keeps the mood light while tackling tough grammar topics and practicing listening comprehension with entertaining skits all while wearing his characteristic bow ties, because bow ties are cool. Herr Antrim’s Social Networks YouTube: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Herr Antrim’s ebook (via his website): Herr Antrim’s ebook (via Amazon):