Life in Germany

Jenna is a Canadian content creator who has been living in Germany since 2014. Like many internationals moving to Germany, Jenna found daily roadblocks that constantly prevented her from being able to embrace her life in Germany to the fullest. While working in the tourism and content industry for over a decade, Jenna’s career took a sharp turn when we started passionately building up helpful blog posts and inspiring videos about her experiences and lessons learned as a foreigner living in Germany. Today, with the help of experts, Jenna runs a Welcome Program for English-speaking internationals interested in relocating to Germany. The program offers students a powerful step-by-step online relocation process that allows them to quickly settle in, while also learning hacks like how to save money, how to avoid making common mistakes, and how to find that perfect job here in Germany. You’ll also find Jenna sharing her own personal experiences over on the Life in Germany YouTube channel and you can follow her local tips about Düsseldorf, Germany over on Instagram.