Sergi Martín Spanish

¡Hola! Soy Sergi Martín, tu profesor de español en YouTube. Hi! I'm Sergi Martín, your Spanish teacher on YouTube. This is how many of my videos start. My YouTube channel is a place where you will have fun while you learn Spanish. I have always thought that learning something new has to be connected with fun, with a smile you learn everything better. I am currently posting a video every day in which I connect something interesting that happened that day with curious words, their meaning and etymology. If we know the origin of words, we will learn the language better. I am also publishing a series of video podcasts with exercises and solutions. My videos have already achieved millions of views, mainly those that talk about the differences between Spanish in Spain and throughout Latin America. I have been a Spanish teacher since 2008, I have lived in Barcelona and now in Prague and I continue to enjoy learning about new languages and cultures. YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: sergimartinspanish Twitter: @SergiSpanish